Division 6 receive funding from Red Deer County to put towards recreation and culture in our community. We balance our funding into four different categories:

  • family and youth

  • fitness and wellness

  • community and development

  • culture


We are Division 6, one of 6 divisions in Red Deer County, within our division there are multiple communities which include:

  • Poplar Ridge

  • Burnt Lake

  • Shady Nook

  • Linn Valley

  • Spruce Lane

  • Stockholm

  • East of Sylvan Lake (see map)

  • Valley Meadows

  • Blindman Ridge

  • Meridian Estates

  • Kayton Estates


We are a group of representatives from different areas of our Division 6 community. We meet three times per year at the Poplar Ride Community Centre. Poplar Ridge Community Centre is conveniently located just 10 minutes west of Red Deer between Highway 11 and Highway 11A on Range Road 283.


If you are interested in being a board member or would like to attend a board meeting, please call one of the existing board members or contact us through our email.